Cleaning Smart Hospitals

A holistic approach for environments that care.
Delivering successful healthcare outcomes is a team effort. All your resources need to perform at their best — your building is no exception. For decades Siemens has been helping hospitals create environments that care. In the age of smart buildings we’re making hospital facilities a proactive part of the healing process.

Our Smart Hospital solutions span the continuum of care to improve patient experiences and outcomes, support your staff, and drive better operating results and compliance. Our technologies for smart patient rooms create a connected, comfortable environment for patients while providing your staff an optimal working environment. Smart surgical suites ensure the most precise control over conditions, including customized presets for individual surgeons, while being efficient and secure.

The advent of the Internet of Things has opened new ways to improve healthcare. Our IoT platform leverages real-time data to power multiple apps including asset tracking, visitor navigation, and patient throughput. Through our controls solutions, managers have remote access enabling visibility, analytics, control, and compliance, at facilities across an entire healthcare system.

Our solutions for healthcare are data-driven, cyber-secure, adaptable and just a hint of what’s to come as the Smart Hospital marketplace continues to evolve.

Solutions for today’s toughest challenges
Siemens is committed to supporting American hospitals in rapidly changing and challenging times. We’re working with our solution partners to create and deploy technologies for prevention of infections, disinfection of PPE and other critical equipment, and remote monitoring.

Some of the solutions we’re using to help hospital customers tackle new and ongoing challenges include:

  • Room pressure monitors for all pressurized spaces

  • Dedicated infection control using pulsed Xenon full-spectrum UV light to disinfect PPE and other critical, mobile equipment

  • A needlepoint, bipolar ionization solution that uses your HVAC system or portable units to generate and circulate ions that attack airborne and surface contaminants

Through smart technologies, solutions and services we’re committed to supporting America’s hospitals and positioning them to succeed.

Begin your smart hospital transformation
We’re driven to create environments that care — for patients, families, and healthcare staff. Click below to learn more about how you can transform your facility into a smart hospital.

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